Augusta goes west

Well, Augusta only went as far west as the west coast of Sweden. But for two weeks, we are taking Augusta’s Journey to America and exploring the 19th century in Virginia.

We start with a morning stroll in Old Town Alexandria. The town was founded on the Potomac River in 1749 and is a beautiful little town just one metro-stop away from Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport.  Old brick houses line cobblestone streets and the little private gardens are overflowing with red, pink, and white azaleas. Mockingbirds serenade each other from blooming Dogwood trees and fragrant Black Locust trees. It is such a lovely time of the year.

We don’t get far before a nice man walking a beautiful little dog greats us and ask if we want him to take a picture of us. We have stopped at a street corner where red and yellow roses make a portal over the brick-paved sidewalk. I ask if we can include his sweet little dog in the picture.

Our stroll then takes us to Christ Church – the 18th century church which George Washington attended. The cemetery is so beautiful at this time of the year. Here we meet a lady, curious and interested in our muslin summer dresses, and get to share our story about Augusta.

Next, we head to Prince Street and Duke Street.  The sidewalks are narrow and our skirts are wide, so we need to step aside when meeting others.  But the citizens of Alexandria are equally courteous.  A man that we meet, raises his hat and says ”Good Day, Ladies!” Such good manners!

But of course, we are really time travelers and despite having read Victorian etiquette books, we decide that we need to stop at an outdoor restaurant and have a cold beer.  Here we meet another wonderful couple and get to share Augusta’s Journey.  And we meet their sweet dog, Sasha, a little black Havanese dog with a friendly smile.

How nice it is to be a time traveller or time ambassador?

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